Do Patients Get Better Results Using Selphyl for Brazilian Butt Lift?

Im looking to get a Brazilian Butt lift by a dr that will be using selphyl. I have to return to work after 7 days, sitting 6hrs a day. I was told that the addition of selphyl will help my fat cells survive. Is this correct? Thank you for your time!

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Use of Selphyl in BBL

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In theory adding plasma rich matrix to th fat should enhance the take. However, we are just at the beginning stages of research on this modality. It certainly cannot hurt but there are no controlled studies to establish its efficacy as an adjuvant.

Keep the vampires away from your butt

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The Brazilian butt lift is a safe and effective technique that can improve the contour of your bottom and create a beautiful result. It is a combination of procedures that consists of aggressive liposuction of the abdomen hips and waist and lower back, separation and processing of the fat that has been collected, and strategic grafting to the gluteal area.

Although there are many techniques and modalities that have been introduced into this procedure, it behooves the patient to really do their homework. Selphyl otherwise known as the vampire facelift is a recently introduced technology where they take a small sample of the patient's blood, spin it down, and then use some of the blood components to inject back into the patient's body. Several doctors have noted some benefit in using this product as a facial filler. Other doctors have also introduced this product into the fat that is injected in a presiding but lift. At this time, there is no consensus that this technology adds any benefit to the overall survival of the fat that is used in Brazilian butt lift or the final result.To get a beautiful and consistent result, your best bet is to only work with a board-certified plastic surgeon who has a great deal of experience in fat transfer, Brazilian butt lift, and liposuction. Such a specialist will be able to examine your tissue and take the time to understand your personal aesthetic goals. Keep in mind that whenever we move fat from one part of the body to another a certain portion will dissolve. An experienced plastic surgeon will take this into account when constructing your surgical plan.


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The classic procedure can and does give good results without any "additives".  Some plastic surgeons do use Selphyl.  Does it improve the results?

At this time we do not know if  there is any benefit of adding Selphyl - a Platelet Rich Plasma - to fat that is grafted to the buttock area.

Consult a board certified plastic surgeon who has experience with this procedure and who will do things safely.


Dr. Carlos Cordoba
Plastic & Esthetic Surgeon
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Carlos Cordoba, MD
Montreal Plastic Surgeon

PRP products for Brazilian Butt Lift do Not Improve Outcomes

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Hi there-

There is no reason to believe that the platelet rich plasma product you mention will improve the long term outcome of your Brazilian Butt Lift... But it will definitely increase your costs and risks.

By far, the best way to maximize your chances of achieving the beautiful long term outcome you desire is to choose your surgeon carefully. Too often in aesthetic surgery, patients are fooled into asking the wrong questions...

Questions like which machine is to be used in a liposuction procedure, or whether this product or that will be used... The reality is that if you choose a good surgeon (one certified by The American Board of Plastic Surgery who has a lot of experience with the Brazilian Butt Lift and who can show you photos of consistently lovely outcomes) you will have a much better chance of being safe and happy. Choose poorly and your risks of injury or unhappiness go up significantly.

Brazilian Butt Lift

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I have used platelet rich Plasma derivatives in the past and have not seen enough benefit from their use to justify the extra expense. In any case, they will not provide any extra volume to your graft. If the graft is properly handled, then graft survival should not be a problem, with or without Selphyl.

Mark Preston, MD
Columbus Plastic Surgeon

Stick with what is known and be safe!

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The Brazilian Butt Lift procedure has been around for about 13 years. There are techniques that work well and some which do not work very well. This procedure has become very popular over the past 5 years and people are trying everything they can think of to get better results. When the procedure is done well, the results are beautiful. I have performed this procedure for over 13 years but have never tried Selphyl. I have never seen any studies showing that there is any benefit of adding this to fat that is grafted to the buttocks. Nor is there any scientific studies that show the benefit of adding additional stem cells to fat. Stem cells are already in the fat. More might be good but, it may also do absolutely nothing beneficial or could even be bad. We just don't know! It could potentially even cause problems in the future.
Stick with what is known and be safe! Find a board certified plastic surgeon who has experience with this procedure and whom you trust to give you the results you desire, safely!

Daniel P. Markmann, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

Brazilian Butt Lift

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Selphyl is a Platelet Rich Plasma(PRP), is being now marketed as a filler. it has been Marketed in the past for wound healing, also as fibrin rich plasma for sealing blood vessels ans sealing tissue.

Platelet rich Plasma is not enough to enhance the size of the buttocks. If it is used along with fat transfer theoriticaly it contains Growth Factors that may enhance the survival of the injected fat. Selphyl as a filler alone is not completely proven.

Make sure what exactly you are getting.


Samir Shureih, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

Do Patients Get Better Results Using Selphyl for Brazilian Butt Lift?

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Partly right. I recommend Stem Cell activated Fat Grafts + PRP to the fat prior to transplanting. From MIAMI Dr. darryl j. Blinski

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