Can Patients Elect for Dental Implants for Cosmetic Reasons?

If your teeth are not deemed 'hopeless' are there situations were you could still opt for dental implants to improve the aesthetics and function of your teeth?

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Dental implants for cosmetic purpose

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If at all possible, it is best to save natural teeth and have orthodontic or restorative treatments to make them look better. But if they have poor prognosis or if treatment options are too heroic with unpredictable results, then it's best to replace with implants.

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Choice for implants or anything at all is granted to everyone

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It depends on what is meant about "opt".  You can choose anything you want to do, and if it is within the ethics of a provider then treatment should not be a problem (extracting all of your teeth because you just don't want to brush them may be a tough sell).

This is a common question when dealing with a third party provider, as in dental benefits.  If you want a service, but it does not fall within the contract language, it won't be paid for by the corporation.  It doesn't mean you can't do the treatment, it simply means you will pay 100% out of pocket.

Specifics on this are difficult with the data given, so a consultation with an experienced cosmetic and implant dentist would be best.

So, the simple answer to your question, "Can I?" would be "sure."

Implants certainly provide aesthetic options

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You haven't given me a lot of information about current state of your mouth.  Implants are one of the most significant advances in dental technology.  Sometimes they have their limitations.  You cannot possibly know what your options are from a Q&A on the web.  You need to be seen by an experienced dentist, and preferrably a cosmetic dentist if that is your primary concern.

M. Andrew Atwood, DDS
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