Do patients complain about how they received treatment and the level of competency? I'm a bit concerned.

I had a medical assistant, 22 years old, apply the zeltiq apparatus. I did not feel comfortable with her competency. I will wait for results, but I have more knowledge than she does re: health and well being and she was in quite a hurry. I was the only patient. This is a year old office. Disappointed with initial care :-( I seem to have all the appropriate post application discomforts.

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I am sorry for your experience. As with any procedure, professionalism and competency are important. Your treating physician should have been more involved to answer any questions that you may have. In my mind, the treating physician should be available for examination, consultation, marking, to answer questions during your treatment, and to assess after the treatment.

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CoolSculpting professionals

I am sorry that you had such an uncomfortable experience. CoolSculpting operators should be highly educated and knowledgable about the sciences and treatment results. It is strongly advisable to have someone who has been certified through Cool Sculpt University or a physician to treat you. These types of people will give you a thorough one on one consultation and assessment and understand which applicator is best for you and treatment plan that will give you the ultimate results you are looking for. If you have any other concerns, its always best to notify an office manager to make sure that CoolSculpting is being performed properly for the patients. 

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Cool Sculpting and Technique

Cool Sculpting is a great procedure but it is also technique dependent.  If you have concerns you should contact the physician whose office you had the procedure performed.  For the best results please contact a board certified physician who has a lot of experience with Cool Sculpting.

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CoolSculpting practitioners

This is where homework and research are key. CoolSculpting may look easy, but all patients deserve to be evaluated and have a physician on premesis to oversee every treatment. There is still a level of expertise needed to make sure the applicators are applied correctly in the best orientation to get the best results.

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Cool Sculpting

These devices are only sold to Medical Professionals so there is a Physician responsible for this ultimately.  Please share your concerns with the office manager.  

Adequate CoolSculpting Treatments

Samara, you bring up a good point. A lot of people think CoolSculpting is an easy enough treatment that you can just slap on the applicator and let the machine do all the work. But, that is not the case. It takes a great amount of skill to assess the fat bulges in question, choose the appropriate sized applicator, and apply the applicator in such a way that will give you the best results. We have had many clients who have had CoolSculpting treatments at other places and were not happy with their results for these reasons. With any cosmetic treatment, be sure to go somewhere that they have extensive experience in performing the procedures and do not be afraid to ask the necessary questions that will help you feel comfortable with your provider. Best of luck.

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