i have a big scar on my scalp when was 7 years old and I want to know that hair can grow on that area? (Photo)

i am 23 years old and i have big scar on my scalp when i was 7 years old .in a car accident my skin cut and there is no hair so i want know that is there any solution for hair growth.

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Scalp scar

in your accident the follicles in that area were damaged and will not grow back. However, you can perform a hair transplant to that area, as the grafts will grow in scar tissue, although not quite as good as in non-scarred scalp. You should have a consultation with a hair restoration surgeon to have the scar evaluated, as well as your donor area, and see if you are a suitable candidate for transplant.

Chicago Physician

Hair loss since from trauma and injury

An improvement in coverage might occur with hair transplant surgery whereby hairs are moved from one area of the scalp into the area of hair loss. Be sure to sit down with a surgeon to discuss options if that is something you would consider. Non surgical options, topical medicines, creams, lotions will not help to regenerate hair in the area. 

Scar on scalp

I would have to know if what I am seeing is a split thickness graft of otherwise. Well vascularized grafts usually will allow a transplant to grow. This may be worth testing with test grafts and then if the growth is good, complete it 8 months later. There are other very good solutions for this type of scar.

William Rassman, MD
Los Angeles Hair Restoration Surgeon
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Scar on my scalp

yes , FUE restoration technique works well and newly transfered hair follicle keep alive and regrow on scalp skar area . 

Ilhan Serdaroglu, MD
Turkey Plastic Surgeon
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Hair growth in scar tissue

Transplanted hair will likely grow in scar tissue, as long as the tissue is not thickened. Although you can help improve the scar with cortisone injections. 

Transplanting into a scar is generally the same any other transplant.  You will not be able to create native density as the blood supply is lower in scar tissue and if you place the grafts too close, they won't grow. You can come back and place grafts in between the grafts to create more density. 

Justin Misko, MD
Lincoln Hair Restoration Surgeon
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