I had lipo suction three weeks ago today. Am retaining liquid in one area in lower abdomen. Will this go away? (photo)

I had it done in the abdomen area, flanks, back, inner and outer thighs.Initial consult was done via internet because I went out of country. Originally he said I only needed lipo not a tummy tuck. When I went for my in person consult he said I had enough skin for tummy tuck. I opted out & stuck to the lipo. I am now retaining fluid in the lower abdomen. Dr said this would happen but would go away with lymphatic massages & compression garment. Had it drained with needle here but it came back.

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Liposuction - will seroma go away

Thank you for asking about your out-of-country liposuction.
  • If you are accumulating fluid, the surgeon who drained it once will need to do so again.
  • I suggest you return to the doctor who drained it once already.
  • It will need to be drained repeatedly until the fluid stops forming.
Always see a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. Best wishes  - Elizabeth Morgan MD PHD FACS

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Seromas after LIPO

Hello thank you for your question and photo. Seromas after liposuction it's the most frequent minor complication.   Treatment of the seroma will depend in most of the cases on the volume of liquid you have.   Draining the seroma throughout a needle it's a useful technique but something else should be done to prevent further seromas.   Making a greater pressure in the site of the seroma will help for prevention.   Having some more massages especially ultrasounds massages will also help.  Have a great day.

Derby Sang Caputo, MD
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Thank you for your question and photo.  You have formed a seroma, which is a risk after certain surgeries.  Every Board Certified Plastic Surgeon has different protocols for treatments after surgery.  At our office we continue to aspirate the fluid till it has resolved.  Contact your surgeon for further care.  

Frederick G. Weniger, MD, FACS, MBA
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Fluid after lipo

it's a bit unusual to have fluid after lipo, but sounds like you had a fair amount removed. If several attempts at removal by needle recur, may need to have wound opened , skin removed and perhaps removal of a bursa, but this would be very unusual.

Robert V. Mandraccia, MD
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Lipo and swelling

Swelling is common after liposuction.  Actual fluid accumulation is rare. If concerned, speak to you surgeon.

Steven Wallach, MD
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Hello, the ideal way to manage seromas in the lower abdomen is aspiration and local compression to close the virtual space created into your skin that producce the acucmulation of liquid (seroma). Some times it stop by doing this. other times its necesary to make a local liposuction in the area to aspirante the seroma an make local compresión for some days.

Have a nice day

Dr. Jean Paul Giudicelli Saba, MD.

Jean Paul Giudicelli Saba, MD
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Liposuction and Seroma?

In general three weeks after liposuction, it is not uncommon to have swelling (edema) in the lower abdomen and groin areas. However, if fluid was already drained from that area, it is possible you have a seroma. Sometimes it takes more than one needle aspiration of the seroma to remove it permanently. Best wishes!

George C. Peck, Jr, MD
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