Angelina Jolie's Upper Lip

I want to have Angelina Jolie's plum lips. Well, my lips are naturally plumped by the way. We have the same lips, well almost, if it weren't because of my upper lip. As you see, the secret to Angelina's lips is not just of its plumpness/fullness, but also thanks to it's shape , particularly the upper one (well for me, that is). Ever noticed the shape Angie's upper lip makes when she open or relaxes her mouth/lips? You got that right! It's the sexy opening that really fascinates me. So here's my query. Given the luck that we both have the lip size/plumpness, well except for our upper lip. Can I have my upper lip reshaped or reduced to have that Angelina Joile mouth/lip opening while showing a little of my teeth? Just look at the photos provided to better understand what I'm pointing out. The last photo was me. Thank you :*

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Lip reduction

One of my mentors in plastic surgery used to say that the enemy of good was better.  That is to say that our attempts to tweak something that is already very good sometimes can end up actually making things worse.  

Your photo doesn't show you with slightly parted lips like the photos of A.J. so it is difficult to tell if a reduction is even worth discussing.

The bottom line is the  lips that you have are pretty close to being the exact result that I try to achieve when patients come to me for a lip augmentation.

I would leave well enough alone.

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