What to expect in recovery phase of Eyelid Reconstruction Surgery? How long should I wait to see a positive difference? (photos)

I had upper eyelid reconstruction surgery a week ago. My eyebrows are uneven and my vision is not straight. In the picture I took, I was looking straight into the camara, however it seems as if I am looking down, as if my eyes can't look straight. My surgeon sais it's an ptical ilussion due to eyelid swelling. I also feel my eyelids very hard and can't look up. Is this a risk my doctor didn't mention? That would be worst than my previous eyelid retraction cause I look as if I had strabismus.

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Uneven healing

  • It is early after surgery, you are still swollen,
  • This makes the eyelids feel hard.
  • There may be swelling in the muscles making it hard to look up.
  • All of this should improve with time. Keep in close contact with your surgeon. Best wishes

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