Which derma roller size should I use and a good serum? (Photo)

Can you suggest what sized derma roller I should use for the scarring I have on my face. Also if you can suggest a good serum that won't break my bank that I can use along with this derma rolling and also a separate nightly serum (unless it can be the same one) that would be excellent. Thanks in advance.

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Good serums to use for dermarolling

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I have my patients micro-needle their skin at home two to three times per week combining home micro-needling with a human growth factor serum made specifically for this purpose. The micro-channels created in the skin enhance penetration of topical serums and medications, dramatically increasing their effectiveness, but they must be safe to use for this purpose. We use the ProCell Therapies system which also has after care human growth factor serums to use nightly. These serums contain concentrated growth factors derived from human bone marrow stem cells which have been found to be superior to other sources of growth factors such as PRP, fibroblasts, and adipose-derived stem cells.We have been getting excellent results improving acne scarring using needle lengths of 0.5 and 1.0 mm. Longer needles have not been more effective, but they are more painful.

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