Can brow lift surgery speed the metabolic absorption of Voluma and Juvaderm fillers?

I had injected both Voluma and Juvaderm fillers in my cheeks and chin area two to four months before my surgery. I have noted my facial "dents" are making their appearances again. My metabolism had started to slow recently due to age (53). Since surgery, my eating habits have not changed and my activity has decreased, my weight has dropped a little (5 pounds), but my facial dents seem to be back. Surgery was 2.5 weeks ago.

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Brow Lift

Thank you for your question. A brow lift should not affect the absorption of your cheek and chin fillers. You should discuss with your board certified facial plastic surgeon because they can reflect on the location and amount of fillers you received as well as the brow lift procedure. Please remain patient during your recovery as you are still in the early stages of the healing process.

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Brow lift

There are many things that can affect the absorption of facial fillers including weight loss, metabolism and laser treatments. I am not aware, however, of any association with a brow lift and filler affects.  

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Can brow lift surgery speed the metabolic absorption of Voluma and Juvaderm fillers?


Although there are no scientific studies to reference, I don't believe there is an association between surgery and how fast fillers go away. A brow lift can change how the skin and soft tissue drape across the face. This may potentially change the appearance of the areas that had been filled. At 2.5 weeks, it's still early in the recovery process. I recommend keeping your follow-up appointments with your surgeon so she/he can evaluate your progress. 

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