Why is my jaw/chin turned slightly to the left and how can it be fixed? (Photo)

As of recently I started to notice the asymmetry in my jaw, the left side of my jaw seems to be slightly lower than my right side, my bite seems to be fine but if I take a closer look i can see my lower jaw slightly turning left, I also noticed that due to the asymmetry in my jaw it makes the left side of my face look round, can my jaw be fixed with orthodontic surgery or maxillofacial surgery? Thank you for your time

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Jaw Asymmetry

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The first step is to make the diagnosis as to the shape of your jaw bone and its asymmetry. This is best done with a 3D CT scan. Since this asymmetry is not affecting your bite, the treatment would be to either add to the vertically shorter jawline side or shorten the longer side.

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