Can trauma cause a deformed breast implant? (Photos)

I had implants 2 1/2 years ago. On August 3, I was involved in a serious auto accident totalling my vehicle. After 2 days in the hospital, I noticed that my right breast looks deformed. The hospital had x-rayed my right breast because I complained of pain immediately following the accident but didn't see anything. My surgeon recommended an MRI which showed no rupture. The seat belt was under this breast when the accident happened. What could cause a breast to look like this after a car accident?

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Breast Deformity

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Thank you for your question and photo. It is clear that something has changed and this could be related to internal scarring, rupture of implant or scar capsule. I recommend that you continue to follow up with your Plastic Surgeon because in person, physical exam and potentially, more MRI imaging will be needed to determine what is going on.

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Breast Deformity after Car accident.....

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There are many possibilities.....    You most likely have a capsular contracture.  But, you may have a seroma, hematoma or rupture.   MRI's are good, but they are not perfect!    I would discuss this with your plastic surgeon.   You need to be evaluated in person.  

Deformed breast implant

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Something is absolutely going on here if this is a new physical deformity after the car accident.  MRIs and ultrasounds are good at detecting implant ruptures, but not perfect.  Occasionally, an MRI can read as "no rupture" and at surgery the surgeon discovers that the implant is in fact ruptured.
Or, the trauma may not have ruptured implant, and simply ruptured the scar capsule around the implant in one spot, allowing it to appear misshapen as the forces around the implant are not completely equal.  Another possibility is a hematoma or soft tissue damage from the seatbelt overlying the implant.  As you can see, it is difficult to discern what is going on here, but I think you need to be seen by your plastic surgeon to be examined in person, as physical exam is the only way to get a better idea.
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