I have both top and bottom dentures, how much will it cost to get implants for both top and bottom?

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Fixed or removable?

Fixed options are usually more expensive. They require more implants and more lab work. Costs start at $10k per arch.

Removable options utilizing you denture but securing it with implants are considerably less. The costs in Toronto, Canada start at $1500 per implant. 

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Implant costing

it depends on implant brand, technique used, doctors professional charges, type of prosthesis, prosthesis material  etc. u have r two options.

1. implant supported denture in that cost is appox $600 per implant [2 to 4 implants required]

2.fixed implant bridge - cost of that is approx $4000 per arch.

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Implant cost for complete replacement of teeth

The overall cost depends on the number of implants and design of the prosthesis. This can range from $10,000 for two implants and removable overdenture to $35000 for 6 implants supporting a fixed hybrid restoration. These costs are for each jaw. We offer flexible payment plans to meet patients' needs. See link below for more details:

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