Can silhouette thread be safely removed after 16 months? (Photo)

I had a silhouette lift 14 months ago and totally wasn't what I expected.It made my face so small and look old and mean.It developed unnatural dimples on my cheeks. Everytime I smile,it looks unnatural.I am only 34 and I am not planning to have a surgical facelift so can I still have the silhoutte threads safely taken out without damaging the nerves? This silhouette thread will not be absorb so I want out! Can it be taken out by reopening the old incision? Will this damage my nerves? How much?

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Silhouette instalift

Silhouette instalift consists of 'dissolvable sutures' not 'permanent threads'.   They work by providing immediate lift by pulling the skin upward and later by stimulating collagen as they dissolve.  By 16 months, the original sutures are gone so there is nothing to remove.  One of the reasons instalift is done is to shift the heaviness of the face from the bottom to the top to help recreate the youthful triangle (wider at the top than the bottom).  Is it possible that you lost weight over the last 16 months?  If so, you may have lost some of the fat that would have remained in the lower face.  Regardless of the reason, if you feel that you got too much of a shift, I recommend that you return to your physician to discuss ways to rebalance your face.  You can discuss using filling agents like sculptra or voluma for example if you wish to soften and fill your lower face.  And for the dimples, if they came up after the instalift, you can ask about subcision at the same time as the fillers.  Only the physician evaluating you in person can tell you which, if any, of these procedures is right for you.

I hope this answer was helpful. Best wishes.

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Threads - Silhouette and how long they last.

These thread should dissolve by the 16-18 month mark. Removing them or trying to may result in a futile effort, as Silhouette will be gone and a surgical scar may result. Firstly to comment on the end result, we really do need to see your notes, name the vector lift, the number of threads, your before and after photos, as well as your BMI before and now. Additionally at the age of 34, factors such as volume loss come into play ( I suspect this is the case). Your Specialist who performed the procedure can spend some time assessing all the above and discuss the ageing process and how texture, tone and volume can be changed over time. Wishing you the best, Dr Davin S. Lim. Brisbane. Australia. 

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Silhouette InstaLift

Most Silhouette InstaLift sutures are dissolvable and therefore cannot be removed.  If you had a procedure where different threads were used it is best to return to the plastic surgeon who performed the procedure for an evaluation.  It may not be possible to remove the threads without causing damage.  An examination would need to be done to determine the best plan for you.

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Silhouette Lift sutures

Thank you for your question.  Silhouette instalift sutures to resorb with time and do not have to be removed.  However, there are Silhouette lift sutures which are more permanent and may be removed, however, there may be resistant to removal depending on the amount of scar tissue that surrounds them and the ease of finding them.  I would return to your surgeon as they should be most familiar with how to address the removal or complications associated with the sutures.

Young R. Cho, MD, PhD
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