Can My Bridge Be Narrowed? (photo)

Can Parts 9(8) and 7 Be Narrowed?(See the Pic Below)

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Narrowing the nasal bridge


  There are a variety of methods to narrow the bridge of your nose.  An important consideration would be with which features of your nose do you have concerns?  Having specific concerns allows your surgeon to have a meaningful discussion about whether goals are attainable. 

  It is rare that a patient will be happy with a procedure that only narrows the bridge of the nose without addressing the height of the bridge or the nasal tip.  A good way to illustrate changes that can be accomplished with surgery is by meeting with a provider that has computer-enhancement software. 

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YES. It will require moving the bones inward.

YES.  Those areas you have highlighted can be narrowed.  It involves a controlled break in the bone, sometimes at the base of the bone and at the top of the bone.  It is extremely helpful to discuss this with a qualified surgeon and use hand done drawings or digital morphing to see what your result might look like.  Take into account the width of your eyes, the space in between your eyes, and the width of your nostrils when considering narrowing the bridge of your nose.  

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Narrow the nasal bridge with rhinoplasty

The areas you point out in the diagram is referred to the nasal bridge, which is made of the nasal bones. Narrowing of the bridge is commonly performed in rhinoplasty with a maneuver called osteotomy, or cutting bone. A nasal cast is used for the first week after rhinoplasty to help keep the nasal bones in their new position.

Alternatively, the appearance of the bridge may be narrowed by building or augmenting the bridge. Dorsal or nasal implants are commonly used for flat or wide nose. Nasal implants can be made of your own cartilage, goretex, or silicone. Sometimes facial fillers are used to building the nose.

After a comprehensive evaluation can a rhinoplasty specialist help determine appropriate options for you. Best of luck.

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Narrowing the nasal bridge

It is definitely possible to narrow the areas you are referring to which are the nasal sidewall and nasal bones. How this is narrowed would depend upon the shape especially the convexity of your nasal bones and position of your attaching cartilages. This is in general terms, of course.

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Can My Bridge Be Narrowed?

  Wow..this is rather intricate and I am not sure what your current nose looks like from all of this.  Untouched photos, of your nose would help in the evaluation and this type of markup illustrated the need to understand and follow the proper aesthetics of facial (and nasal) beauty for a naturally, more attractive nose with Rhinoplasty.

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Narrowing the nasal bridge

Your nasal bridge may be narrowed both parts 7 and 8.  Either by fracture of parts 8 or by augmenting part 7 with fillers or adding cartilage.  Fracturing your nose would make it narrower physically, while augmenting part 7 would camoflauge the width and make it appear stronger and narrower. A full set of facial pictures would give me a better idea of the best option for you.

Rondi Kathleen Walker, MD
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Defining the nasal bridge: narrowing vs. strengthening the nasal bridge

An actual photo your face and nose would be best but the answer to your question is yes, they can be narrowed. There are both surgical and non-surgical techniques to do this.  Let's review a couple of options:

1.  As Dr. Mabrie pointed out you can define the nasal bridge with fillers of many types.  This improved strength and definition of the nasal bridge gives it a more slender/narrow look.

2.  Surgical nasal augmentation can be done with either and implant or cartilage from your ear.  Both options are great but if you have thin skin then cartilage would be best.

3.  Finally, something called an osteotomie can be made in areas 8 and 9 to bring the nasal bones toward the middle, thus narrowing the nasal bridge (area 7).

Now, every patient is different.  There are also Ethnic and anatomic considerations so consult with someone experienced in rhinoplasty.  Sometimes the above techniques are used in combination.


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Chase Lay, MD
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Adding fillers to the bridge (area 7) can make the nose and your face look stronger and better

I agree with Dr. Schuster and Dr. Fleming, the width of your nasal bridge looks appropriate.  One thing to consider is adding fillers to the center of your bridge, (area7).  This will strengthen your look, make your face look more defined and more masculine.

You may even consider a little filler to area one to reduce the shadow in the center and make the tip stronger.

Good luck in your search for information!

This is a very interesting illustration, what program did you use for this?

David C. Mabrie, MD
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Nasal Bridge Narrowing

The nasal bridge can be narrowed, but the most important thing is to determine what would give you a balanced result that is appropriate for your face.  Please consult with a board certified specialist who can help you achieve the goals you desire.

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Narrowing the Nose Bridge

Almost every nasal bridge CAN be narrowed with Rhinoplasty. The more important questions is - Should YOUR nasal bridge be narrowed? The area under the bridge contains the nasal valve which is VERY important in breathing freely. A nose surgeon should test you for potential breathing issues if the nose is narrowed.

Peter A. Aldea, MD
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