My Partner Had Vaser Lipo Selection 7 Weeks Ago, a Very Large Fist Size Lump Has Now Come Up Between His Upper and Lower Abs ???

This lump is very large, tennis ball size, it looks like a heamatoma. It appeared suddenly 6 days ago, 7 weeks post vaser lipo in the area that was treated ....upper / lower abs. It is slightly sore when pressed, it has not changed colour, there is no head on it and it has not secreted any fluids. We are baffled and worried about what this could be. We were told by our doctor to monitor it, he has not seen anything like this either. Considering going to A&E. What could it be ???

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Vaser Lipo

The best thing to do is get an ultrasound to identify the area in question.  This could be a clump of fat/connective tissue after the liposuction and due to the garment not fitting properly.  We have seen this with rib cages that leave areas with a “tent effect” and not allow the garment to compress an area due to high bone structure.  Be sure the garment is fitting properly, and get an ultrasound.

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Post-VASER seroma

It is important to know if the fullness is fluctuante or indurated, is it tender, does it move or change in size, is their any pulsation? This is most likely a seroma which is tissue fluid collection commonly seen after such liposuction procedure but the physician needs to rule out anything more serious. Diagnostic ultrasound is a fast and easy way to evaluate this fullness and if its found to be a fluid collection, in my practice I would treat this with serial aspirations and compression and if persistent, would use a dilute steroid injection to calm inflammed tissue.

Edwin Ishoo, MD
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My Partner Had Vaser Lipo Selection 7 Weeks Ago, a Very Large Fist Size Lump Has Now Come Up Between His Upper and Lower Abs ???

Sounds like a seroma due to the VASER heat. Yes a little late onset but is commoner than one would think. Treatment warm compresses, observation, antibiotics, possible aspiration is my course. Best of luck. 

Darryl J. Blinski, MD
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Vaser lipo problems

Vaser lipo can generate a lot of heat and may increase the risk of seromas.  It is possible that this is the case, but it could be several different things. I would check with your doctor to be evaluated.

Steven Wallach, MD
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