How long should I wait to get my first laser treatment for tattoo removal? (photos)

How much does  partial laser tattoo removal cost?
For reference: Rose: 4in x 3 in. Six leaves 1in x 1in / 1.5in x 1in From the photos, about how many treatments would I need? What are the costs for removing all the outlines of the leaves and the third rose (NYC pricing please)? Will they take inconsideration that they are outlines, or will they still charge me by square inches? What kind of lasers work best on pink? Recommendations to dermatologists in the NYC area are welcomed.

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Amount of time necessary between tattoo treatments and after getting a tattoo.

A minimum of 7 to 8 weeks is required aftergetting a tattoo before you can begin the removal process. This is also the necessary minimum amount of time required between treatments. The longer you wait, the better but most people wait 8 weeks.adverse events.

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