Part of Eyebrow That Can Not Be Corrected Surgically?

I have eyelid ptosis in my Right Eyelid. I visited a well reputed ophthalmologist in this field who confirmed it and we scheduled the operation date. But the problem is that also my Righ EYEBROW droops from the INNER SIDE MOSTLY(Above the nose).. and I see a muscle always Contracting. The Doc said it can't be fixed surgically because there is a nerve that passes there.

He suggested that he TESTS the Muscle by a very small amount of botox to relax the Contracted Muscle and this way he can allow himself to operate elsewhere in the Brow. After 4 days MY INNER SIDE of the Right EYEBROW is SO DROOPY. 1- Is it true that this part of the eyebrow can not be operated? 2- What can i do to wear-off this botox? and if there is noway, how long will it take (consideing it's a very small amount) and will my brow return back to its previous position?? Thx

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Eyebrow will return to previous position once Botox wears off

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You have a very difficult situation with ptosis of the eyelid and eyebrow. A tonic eyelid can certainly be lifted back to its normal anatomical state and is done through an eyelid incision by an oculoplastic surgeon.

The eyebrows can be lifted with one brow lifted more than the other depending upon what the goal and aspirations of the patient are. A single (unilateral) low set eyebrow can be raised alone or raised only at the medial portion of it. Resection of the corrugator muscle, the central depressor of the eyebrow can also accentuate this.

The Botox effect that you have had since surgery will have to wear off on its own and can take four to six months. The inner part of the eyebrow can be operated upon through a brow lift procedure. The brow should return to its previous position in approximately four to five months.

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It will take few weeks for the botoxto wear off

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Please send a picture.The problem that you refer is complex . Full examination is amust to discuss the options. Please get more than one consultation .

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