What are my options in regards to improving my smile without braces? (Photo)

I really don't like my two canaine teeth and how they protrude. One as you can tell is a little worse than the other but the one is also kind of pushing down one of my front teeth. Would it be impossible to shave down the higher tooth and crown it and then pull one of my farther back teeth on the other side to give a bit more room for the other canaine?

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Are there options to improve smile without braces? #DrSoftTouch

Hi Ashley, Thanks for posting your photo. Unfortunately, due to the position of your canines, correcting them with veneers is not a viable option. I would recommend orthodontics to properly align your teeth. See an orthodontist for a consultation to determine your options. I hope this helps. Click save on the save button below my name, so that you may ask me more questions in the future.

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Smile Options

Unfortunately, your best smile can only be achieved with braces. If you were totally against that, you have a compromise option by doing some bonding on the teeth to improve your look. You might be happy with that. 

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From the photo it appears the canine on your left side is protruded too far to just shave the enamel enough without nerve damage.  My suggestion would be to seek orthodontic treatment prior to doing any type of cosmetic procedure.


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Improving my smile without braces

Hello Ashley and thanks for the picture. I am sorry to tell you that it  wouldn´t be possible to to shave down the higher tooth and crown it. Your teeth are too crowded and the only solution if you don´t want to wear braces is invisalign to align your teeth.

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