Why did I bruise so severely? Breast implants under the muscle

What caused my severe bruising? Appears to be the worst implant bruising on the Internet! PS said as long as I didn't have symptoms, fever, hot to the touch or swelling, that im ok. Ribs extremely tender bruising was just horrific! Inspiras implanted under the muscle. I followed Dr's preop inst. Im 4 wks post op and feeling better. I did use Arnica. My PS didn't require a physical or blood work. The bruising appeared around day 4. Why did this happen?

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Why did I bruise after breast augmentation

Most patients who undergo breast augmentation by an experienced Plastic Surgeon do not get very much bruising.  But without a photo and without knowing more about what was done, its really not possible to comment.  If you are really that concerned, I would let your Plastic Surgeon know this.  And if he/she does not meet your expectations, I would see someone else in a secondary consultation.I hope that helps!

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