Viral infection & 3 month old Brazilian implants?

Dear Surgeons, I had breast augmentation 3 months ago. I have caught a cold in 8 days ago with sore throat, little ear pain, sinus symptoms. My surgeon recommended to go to GP doctor and get antibiotic. The GP doctor doesn't recommend the antibiotic. So I really don't know what to do. Thank you for help,

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Viral infection & 3 month old Brazilian implants?


Thank you for your question. if your GP does not recommed for you to have antibiotics than the is no need for antibiotics.

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Viral infection and implants

Hello, it is not possible to provide additional guidance based on a description alone.  If your family doctor is convinced that you only have a virus there is no benefit to antibiotics, but it is not possible to tell whether you have a viral infection based on the information provided.

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