Do veneers take pain away from all of this or just cover the outside? What would my best option be? (photo)

Hi, I was just curious what would be the best option for me.. growing up I had very bad crowding in my teeth.. so ended up getting braces.. I had the most difficult time flossing because of the crowding.. & cause bad cavities! I've had everything from a filling to a root canal with my 4 top center teeth and 4 center bottom teeth.. 

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Porcelain veneers accomplish a lot

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But they aren't magic.  You didn't state what pain you are experiencing, so not sure I can be helpful.  If you have decay, yes, porcelain veneers can take that away.  If decay is extensive, then porcelain crowns may be needed, but decay will be removed.  Many sensitivities are resolved as well due to the bonding process.

However, more orthodontics may be better to start with.  While the teeth are mostly straight, the arch form appears to be narrow, so expansion first may help.  At that point, porcelain veneers can be explored.

Crowding, Pain and Veneers

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The real problem is your underdeveloped maxilla that leads to crowding.  I would suggest the best wy to approach your case would be to grow your maxilla orthopedically with the DNA appliance and eliminate crowding and develop a full wide health esthetic smile.

Your tiny maxilla gives you a six tooth smile and dark buccal coridors.  It probably also restricts your breathing and puts you at increased risk for snoring and sleep apnea.  The DNA appliance can grow your airway, a process called pneumopedics.

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