Suggestions to Correct on my Asymmetric Jaw/chin? (photo)

Can you also leave me comments on how to get rid of my under eye circles, nose/nosetip refinement, and my uneven skin color. thank you!

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Suggestions to Correct on my Asymmetric Jaw/chin?

 From the photos provided, the left chin, jaw line and cheek are smaller and less prominent than on the right.  Radiesse can be injected into the these areas (Perlane for the Cheek) to increase the volume.  This is done more to approximate the appropriate size and shape...not top make your face perfectly symmetrical.  Shape of aesthetic features, not symmetry, makes the face more attractive.  

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Jaw asymmetry

You could possibly correct the asymmetry with facial implants alone.  But if you have a malocclusion you would probably be better served with orthognathic surgery which would fix the bite and correct the jaw issues at the same time.  See an orthodontist to evaluate your bite.  Donald R. Nunn MD  Atlanta Plastic Surgeon.

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Asymmetric Face

Based on the pictures posted, it seems there is asymmetry of the cheek, and mandible and some of the lips.Recommend full evaluation by a plastic surgeon with specialty in Maxillofacial surgery. The nose does not need anything.The discoloration of the skin may be treated with Obaji skin care and chemical peels

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