My nose job seems the same after I took my tapes off, will it stay that way? (photo)

i had a nose job about 2 months ago and my nose looks even bigger and swollen, I have a huge bump in my nose the nurse tells me the swelling will go down but I don't see it it feels like every day it gets bigger. people mock me telling me my nose never changed, can some one please help me??

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Rhinoplasty requires a long healing process

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As I am sure your surgeon explained, rhinoplasty takes a lot of patience before you are able to appreciate all the changes. I advise my patients to give it a full year before fully evaluating the results. If you are unhappy with your results, talk to your surgeon and see if there is anything you can do to help guide the healing process to maximize your results. We have some patients tape their nose at night to reduce the swelling faster. It is not unusual to feel like your nose is "bigger" the first few months. The swelling will resolve with time. Good Luck!

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