Fraxel Restore Dual Orange Peel Texture of Skin and Fine Lines?

Hello I am 8 weeks post one and only fraxel restore dual for small and not deep isolated scars. The treated areas have orange peel texture with tiny holes (laser tracks) and fine lines. I went to see my Dr who said that my skin is sensitive hence the longer recovery and that my skin's texture will get back to normal eventually. I would like to know how long it may take? What can I use to expedite my recovery? supplements, creams? I am very worried and upsed with this bad outcome.... Thanks

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Fraxel Restore Dual Orange Peel Texture of Skin and Fine Lines?

Thank you for your question. This can take up to 6 months, and in some people 9-12.  The skin fills in the areas, but some people the time frame is longer.  Keep using sunscreen, avoid too much sun exposure, and use good skin products like La Roche Posay.  Try their Toleraine line for sensitive skin.  Low doses of Retinol in the evening a couple of nights a week will be good.   I hope this helps!

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Texture Changes As a Result of Non-ablative Laser Treatment Are Very Rare

It would be very rare for treatment with a nonablative laser to result in texture changes. The only way this could occur is by bulk heating (repeatedly passing rapidly over a small area) and then the injury would generally be decribed differently. It is not unusual however for nonablative treatment to result in excessive pigment stimulation. If this is the case, then using Retinol or Retin-A plus a pigment lightener such as Lytera may help. If there indeed appears to be a change in texture then you should see the treating physician again to determine why this happened. A second opinion from a cosmetic dermatologist might be wise as well. 

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