Face Asymmetry (Chin & Lips)? (photo)

I've always had a very asymmetric face. It's more visible in pictures than in real life (at least I hope so!). I underwent a profiloplasty 4 months ago. My chin was too prominent and my nose was too large. My surgeon tried to establish some kind of balance but I still find my face (chin and lips) to be very uneven. My nose still looks a bit wide for my liking (it might be because of the remaining swelling). I really hate what I see when I get my pictures taken :( What could I do to enhance my face ?

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Lower Chin and Lip Asymmetry Correction

Your lower facial asymmetry is due to a greater lateral tubercle bony prominence of the chin on the right side and a thinner vermilion roll near the corner of the mouth on the same side. Assuming that you like the left side better than the right, your lower facial asymmetry could be improved by a lateral ostectomy of the right chin and a limited vermilion advancement of the right upper lip near the mouth corner.

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