Parasthesia sensations in lower legs/ankles/feet/wrists/arms after breast surgery.

I'm 4 weeks PO after having a breast aug below the muscle and breast lift with anchor incisions(300cc mentor silicone gel. I wore compress hose for 6 days. I thought this was the reason for tingling/cold lower legs, ankles, and feet due compressed nerves but a week ago I began feeling tingling/weak arms.Anything tight around my arm or wrist causes pain.I am sensitive to cold and feel chills in the evening hours.Feels like poor circulation but my doctor says my circulation is fine. Any thoughts?

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Tingling after 1 month

After 4 weeks very doubtful these issues are related to the surgery. Sounds like an allergic reaction. But only in person evaluation by your internist is recommended. Good luck... 

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Tingling and weak after breast surgery

  • This is an unusual set of symptoms after elective breast lift/enlargement,
  • It must be taken seriously and the cause must be determined,
  • First, see your plastic surgeon to be fully checked, especially to be sure there is no infection,
  • Ask for a list of all medicines you were given during surgery - for future reference,
  • See your regular doctor again and have a full set of lab tests, specifically including thyroid disease - at times surgery can be followed by sudden decrease in thyroid function - and it can cause your symptoms,
    Then unless there is an explanation for your symptoms, see a neurologist for a complete neurological evaluation. Best wishes.

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