Can a Paraplegic Safely Get a Butt Lift?

I'm a paraplegic with an incomplete T-11 injury. I gained and then lost over 200LB and now have a lot of excess skin. The doctor I consulted said he couldn't tighten my thighs or my buttocks because If I ever got a bad skin sore they wouldn't be able to use loose skin for the surgery without cutting away thigh bone, making it impossible for me to ever walk again. Is it possible to combine surgical and non surgical options so that there's enough loose skin and vein structure after the surgery?

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Brazilian butt lift – surgery on paraplegic

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The main factors that determine if you are going to be a good candidate for a Brazilian butt lift are the amount of fat available to harvest and your health. Now, paraplegics have certain challenges that need to be addressed before surgery. It is not uncommon for a paraplegic patient to have progressive atrophy of the buttock muscles. This will cause a decrease in muscle mass with time that will decrease the butt projection significantly. When I inject the fat into the butt, I basically inject most of the fat inside the muscle. Previous experience managing paraplegic patients have shown that the muscle bulk decreases and its blood supply is diminished as compared to a normal butt. This means that the results can be compromised by such factors.

Moreover, we have to take into consideration the level of spine injury, the presence of leg contractures, the nutritional status, and spasm secondary to the spine injury, your general health among other. This will determine if you can be a good candidate for surgery. In addition, all of these factors will determine if positioning during and after surgery is possible.

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