Paranoid Loose Skin on Belly; What Are my Options? (photo)

Does or have any of ur stomachs hang down, like over ur pants? 41.6lbs lost & mine still does & i'm afraid it's gonna give me extra skin or look bad when i'm finally able to make it leave. Any1 had this prob & it turned out fine in the end? I'm really worried about this. i also 4got to say that I've never had a baby.

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Loose Skin

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Its difficult to say for certain from your photos but it appears you have some loose skin on your lower abdomen and you state your lower abdomen is hanging over your pants.  Given that and your weight loss a tummy tuck may be appropriate.  If you plan to have children, however, you may want to wait and have your procedure when you are done having children.  Your best bet is to have a consultation with an experienced plastic surgeon who should be able to answer all of your questions.

Belly skin with weight loss

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You appear to actually have a better skin contraction than most for the degree of weight loss. Yes, sometimes the skin shrinks down but many times it does not. The only way to get rid of that skin is with tummy tuck surgery.

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