Paranasal or Premaxillary Cheek Implants?

What is the difference with the paranasal and premaxillary cheek implants? Do they both bring fullness to the area between the nose and mouth?

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Implants for cheek augmentation

Premaxillary nasal implant is placed underneath the base of the nose just at the top of the roots of the teeth over the maxilla to give more projection to the nose. Cheek augmentation is done with small wafers of Silastic plastic inserted through the upper gingiva and placed over the maxillary bone to augment the actual cheek itself. These can be performed in both the malar and submalar locations and come in a variety of sizes. Nasal implants are also made of Silastic plastic and are placed across the bridge of the nose for Asian rhinoplasty.

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Cheek Implants

I'm not familiar with the term "paranasal", but premaxillary implants will increase fullness between the nose and the mouth. There are several choices of material used for these implants which are easily placed, usually through an incision in the nose.

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