Is it possible to use visceral fat for fat transfer to full face, lips and hands?

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Visceral Fat

Thank you for posting your question. The short answer is no. Visceral fat is the internal fat surrounding your organs. It cannot be removed through lipo suction and is dangerous to removed surgically. You can only get rid of visceral fat through exercises and diets. 

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Is it possible to use visceral fat for fat transfer to full face, lips and hands?

Thank you for the question. The trouble would be in the harvest, a laparotomy is a big price to pay for some fat. If you have a lot of visceral fat then it is most likely you have good deposits of subcutaneous fat which is the easiest to harvest. 


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Thoughtfull question

This is a very thoughtful question. Most would answer no. The best answer is yes it is possible BUT the fat is dangerous to obtain and the risks outweighs the benefit greatly. 

This is not fat that as plastic surgeons we go after. Yet, it is theoretically possible that if the patient was having a more invasive procedure such as a splenectomy we could remove the fat and then transfer it to other parts of the body. Extremely unlikely but I do appreciate and enjoy your creativity!



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Visceral fat

Visceral fat is deep fat - the type you see in someone with a large firm belly.  This can not be accessed by liposuction, so is not available to use for fat injections.  Can only be decreased by diet and exercise.  This is the more dangerous type of fat in that it is around the internal organs. 

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Visceral Fat Is Fat you cannot see or feel

visceral fat is in your belly and you cannot reach it.  this can only be lost with strict weight loss  /  diet.  Please see an expert to see where you may have fat to be removed.  Best, Dr. Emer.

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