Parallel to Semilunar Possible?

I just did DST method few days ago and I sort of regretted it. It's in parallel formed. Is it possible that I asked to change to semilunar ones?

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I would immediately discus your concerns with your surgeon.

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There are many ways to do DST, some less reversible than others.  Undoubtedly there is already scar tissue forming due to this surgery that will make it difficult to change the nature of this fold.  It is possible your surgeon could take out the sutures and let the eyelid heal.  I would recommend waiting several months to see how the eyelid heals.  If the eyelid is unfavorable as a result it should be possible to restore the parallel form but I don't believe that any surgeon could guarantee the outcome of this.

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Too early for revision

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In my opinion, it is a bit too soon for revision, but you should discuss this matter with you surgeon as soon as possible.

A.J. Amadi, MD
Seattle Oculoplastic Surgeon
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