Panic - A Home Peel Disaster Using Multiple Peels and Thus Severe Red Lumps?

Did two peels within an hour gap. Yes, I'm a greedy idiot at times who thinks the more the better. Some quick details, and there's a pic too: 21:15 20% salicylic peel on spots, washoff cool water shower for 5 minutes 10:30 pm full face, 40% buffered glycolic, 3 minutes standby, similar Washoff state: usual redness, bit rashy and itchy then: horrific burn on salicylic spots, intense redness then: those redness spots are now red raised lumps, stinging now: a bit less (placebo?)

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At home peel disaster

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Playing chemist at home with your skin is a bad idea for anyone. From the looks of your photo, it seems as though your skin might be necrosing or starting to blister! It looks a bit purple in the middle of some of the red areas

By now, I hope you would have gotten help. But if you didnt or couldnt, be certain to watch for infection and keep the soon to be sloughing wound covered with Aquaphor or some polysporin if it begins to crust. Get to a dermatologst fast, as the other dr. said above, your skin is at risk of scarring or pigmenting.

Wishing you luck!

Miami Beach Dermatologist

Panic - A Home Peel Disaster Using Multiple Peels and Thus Severe Red Lumps

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RUN to seek medical attention NOW!!! You need to stop self treatment, start on antibiotic and even a steriod cream or oral regime. BE CAREFUL!!

Please let this be a lesson for others out there thinking of doing their own peel.

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Dear Affected

The product you used are relatively mild.  WIth immediate care by a professional, you should do OK.  Please seek out immediate care by a dermatologist.  In the first 48 hours, icing helps.  Also keep the skin from drying out by using a petrolatum product like aquaphor or Vaseline.  The dermatologist will likely have specific recommendation that you should follow.  Also you may be at risk of getting hyperpigmentation.  Please do not try to save money like this again.  

Kenneth D. Steinsapir, MD
Beverly Hills Oculoplastic Surgeon
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