Are my stitches healing properly? (photos)

Incision opened & ps closed it again. 2 days later I flew (11 days post-op, 10h flight) currently stiches still closed, can see some nylon outside and looks like my skin is somehow white in this area. Left breast is ok and didn't have problems. Right side doesn't look as it did before stitches teared and does not look like the left. I sent the pictures to my doctor. He saw them and did not reply, very upsetting. Can someone please review photos and comment as I'm very concerned.

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Incision Concerns

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You could be seeing typical scabbing in the area which will resolve on it's own if you keep the area clean and protected. You should be able to reach your Plastic Surgeon or their staff for advice- I recommend that you try again.

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Are my stitches healing properly?

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Thank you for your question and photographs and I am sorry to hear of your incision issues.  It appears that you initially suffered a superficial opening that you surgeon placed additional sutures in place to close again.  So far all looks okay and should hopefully heal without further issue and with a good appearance.  Hang in there and allow your results time to mature. I would try to find a plastic surgeon in your area who may be willing to see you to ensure you go on to heal without further incident.  Best wishes!

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Are my breast implant stitches healing properly?

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I am sorry to hear of your experience.  I do not see anything disturbing on the second 2 photographs of your incisions.  However it is impossible to properly advise you based on photographs.  Please make an appointment with the board certified plastic surgeon for an examination to be certain that she will are healing well.


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The stitches are mostly likely the remnants of long lasting dissolvable suture.   Incisions need time to heal and should not be put under stress for at least four weeks until strong enough to withstand a multitude of activities. Keep the area clean and supported.  One can apply a very small amount of Aquafor over the area.  If you see any signs of infection such as increasing pain, redness or drainage for the area you should be looked at immedicately.  Contact your plastic surgeon who did your surgery again for recommendations on the care on your incisions or make an appointment to see them.  Hopefully, you chose to have your surgery with a physician locally. 

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