Are these symptoms normal after 29 days post op? (Photo)

Is this normal for a 29 days post op. Eyelid surgery? I am having problem of my vision, blurring, double vision and hard to focus and if i touch my lower eyelid, feel something on my upper eyelid. My right vision is the worst. Can this problems be corrected? I did not have this problem before i had the operation?

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Please see your surgeon

The symptoms that you have are not normal for this stage of the recovery. Please see your surgeon and if not satisfied with the answers, please see an ophthalmologist to examine you for dry eye. 

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Please contact your surgeon for an assessment.

No these are not normal symptoms.  However, it may be something like swelling and yes you are still swollen after surgery.  There are supportive measures that are helpful while the tincture of time works its magical effects.  

Kenneth D. Steinsapir, MD
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