Scar tissue pain or intercostal pain?

I'm a 33yr old female and had a breast reduction almost 2years ago and I keep having pain under one of my breast in my rib cage I've been given several different medications and countless diagnoses with no relief could my scar tissue be cousing this pain? And if so what can be done for it

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It can be difficult to determine the cause of pain.  That is probably why you have had "several different medications and countless diagnoses".  Your scar could be causing pain.  If you can recreate the pain by pushing on the scar, that is the likely cause.  If it is determined that your scars are causing the pain, it is possible that an injection of steroid in the area or removal of a portion of the scar surgically may help. 

I would recommend you speak with the surgeon who did your breast reduction for an evaluation of the pain.  Good luck, I hope you can find an answer and appropriate treatment.

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