I had cheek augmentation done out of country?

And it of course wasn't done as I had asked. I wanted and needed submalar implants while I got implanted malar ones. Way too high, way too small as for size. I know I can have them taken out and reaplaced, but I was wondering If I can actually have submalar implats inserted below the malar ones, to keep the high cheek bone that they kinda gave me. That equals 4 implants in my mifdace area.

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Malar and Submalar Implant Combination

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For optimal cheek implant stabiity and shape, it is not the ideal approach to place a separate submalar implant below an existing malar one. It can technically be done, and may work satisfactorily, if the flange of the existing cheek implants do not interfere with placing the submalar ones. It is just as easy, however, to place a combined malar and submalar implant known as a malar shell or even a custom designed one to keep the implant as a single piece.

Cheek implants

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I suggest leaving the implants in that you already have and just adding further implants as necessary to get the look you desire. I use Binder Conform sub-malar implants on all my cheek implant cases and always cut and trim them to the desired look and shape needed. An experienced surgeon should be able to add new implants trimmed to size around or just under the indwelling implants. All this said, this is tricky work and needs an experienced and confident surgeon to pull off. I would also make no promises until I got a look inside and evaluated the present implants. I can not fault those who would suggest removing the present implant and just placing a more appropriately shaped single implant

Putting submalar implants below malar implants is not a good idea.

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Putting submalar implants below malar implants is not a good idea. I remove the malar implants and place COMBINED Implants in to do what you want.

Toby Mayer, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Malar implants

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Layering malar implants can be tricky,

Consult a plastic surgeon,

Take along the operative note and name and type of implants.

Best wishes.

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