1 month post op. Insicion with scab and a bit red. (photos)

My left incision looks very good to me but the right not so much specially in the corners where it has scab and is bit red. Is this normal. This stitches opened 8 days after my surgery my PS closed them again wasn't serious apparently but is healing differently and concern me a bit. Do these ok to you dear doctors?

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Still not healing

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Without being able to feel how soft the left side is, my concern is that either a suture remains or the scar is very thin risking exposure of the implant.  I would recommend you follow up with your plastic surgeon.  Good luck. 

BAM with red incisions

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Hi Teresa and thanks for writing.
I can't tell if you are starting an infection, or you have sutures that are getting inflamed.  In either case (or perhaps something else), I suggest you visit with your doctor to see if/what needs to be done.  Give him a call.
All the best.

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