Will Palpable Lumps from Artefill Worsen to Become Visible?

I had an Artefill injection 14 months ago,1 syringe injected in right & left cheek and left NF. About 10 days ago I started feeling lumps form. Right now they are palpapble but not visible. Is it likely that they will worsen to become visible? Is it possible to determine if it is a granuloma or encasement and is there a difference? Is there anything to try to minimize growth? I'm only 39 and very frightened by the results of the Artefill, does anyone have experience with surgical removal?

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Removing silicone or Artefill from the lips and face - Los Angeles

Our office does treat complications related to Artefill or silicone. Removal is sometimes possible, depending on the area of injection. Raffy Karamanoukian Los Angeles

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