Palpable Bony Edges After Nasal Bone Narrowing?

I had rhinoplasty 5 months ago that included nasal bone narrowing. Now when I put my finger in my nose, I can feel bony edges on the nasal walls, and the skin covering these bones feels really thin. Had the bony edges always been there before (just that I never noticed them), or is skin thinning a side effect of the bone narrowing surgery? Will there be more complications when I get old (60, 70 yrs old)?

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Bony edges after rhinoplasty

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It is difficult to say what you are specifically talking about without being shown on/in your nose.  Bony irregularities can happen with rhinoplasty.

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Bony Edges After Rhinoplasty

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Sharp bony edges or spicules can occur any time after a rhinoplasty in which osteotomies were performed. They are more apparent now, not because the tissue is thinning, but because the swelling is finally going away making them capable of being felt now. This is a very straightforward problem to fix through a minor revision where the edges are merely rasped smooth.

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