Palovia Use 6 Months AFTER Juvederm?

I had Juvederm injections over 6 months ago and although Ive asked this before, I want to know if since its been so long after, will use of the Palovia home unit ruin any filler effects I have left. I am not yet at the point where I need more filler. But also dont want using a Palovia laser unit to destroy what is left.... thx!

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Lasers after fillers

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Any laser treatment this long after your Juvederm injections will be fine - including even fractional lasers. The palovia is only a superficially penetrating laser and I do not think it would have any effect on a filler that was placed 3 months earlier or longer.

Charlotte Dermatologist

Palovia after filler

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the Palovia laser treatment is very shallow; fillers are placed deeper than this. It really should not affect the filler that much. The Juvederm is likely to be resorbing at this point whether you use the laser or not; it typically lasts about 6-9 months for Juvederm Ultra, 9-12 months for Juvederm Ultra Plus.

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