3 Weeks Breast Implants W/ Mondor Veins in BOTH Arm Pits. Safe to Get Botox Around the Eyes? (photo)

3 weeks breast implants. I have Mondor Veins in BOTH armpits, very tight noticeble, painful. Question is, is it safe to get botox injections in the face even though two veins have restricted blood flow? I know they say the botox stats local but some say a small amount travels throughout the body...

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Breast implants and Botox

I have not had any issues treating patients post-breast implants. Many plastic surgeons even do the procedures on the same day. So, if you have concerns it would be best to follow up with your plastic surgeon who performed your implant procedure, but I have not seen any issues with treatment and have not seen or read about anything that would lead me to believe a Botox treatment would pose any issue for you.

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