Is something wrong with my Intraoral incision after sliding genioplasty? (Photo)

I had s.g 7 weeks ago. The chin bone was forwarded 4-5 mm and vertically heightened as well. I am really worried because ever since i regained full feeling, I have felt the edge of augmented chin bone rubbing against incision in lower lip, as if placed too high, and I worry scar is not healing properly because of it. I have begun to notice stiff "threads" around incision, and lower lip is all stiff and tight. My surgeon sais I should just wait and see??? Really?

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Concerned about the incision

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Dear Needlesstosay,

Thank you for your picture. Your incision has some"webbing". This is similar to a scar if you had a thick incision on your skin. It is possible that it could be revised if if it bothers you.  

Best wishes.

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