Sliding genioplasty 1 month ago. Augmented bone segment rubs against my gum! Is it permanent?

Hi! Would be greatful for any input. I had s.g 1 month ago. I had my chin advanced 4 mm and vertically shortened too. As swelling has gone down, I have begun to feel the edge of the augmented chin bone against gum on the inside of my lower lip, as if it has been placed a few mm too high? I can feel the sharp edge of the augmented chin bone against my gum with fingers and when I eat/speak. It is so uncomfortable. Will this feeling go away with time or am I harmed for life?

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Results of genioplasty

Genioplasty is a common procedure to lengthen or shorten the chin. The chin is moved and then held in position with mini-plates and screws. In my experience, the bone edges that you feel will resolve over the next 3-4 months. The body has a way to minimize sharp edges, and the soft tissue that covers the bone will help re-shape these areas. I would wait and allow more time. If there is an area that remains somewhat sharp, your surgeon can easily recontour that area under local anesthesia.

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