What would you recommend to correct this facelift? (Photos)

Early 60's, 3 years post-full face lift from 2013. Was not happy with remaining jowls and neck laxity. Did not have filler because every time I have in the past, it causes spider veins that can't seem to be corrected with laser. Surgeon acted as if this was the best outcome possible even though you can see hanging neck even from front view. It's very difficult to find out which are best local surgeons for each type of procedure despite there being tons of them in the area.

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What would you recommend to correct this facelift?

Not having your before pics from 2013 it's difficult to judge how much improvment you obtained.  It is clear that your jowls and prejowl depressions remain visible along with some laxity of your neck skin.  My best advice if you're dissatisfied is to meet with an ABPS Bd Certified plastic surgeon who is also a member of ASAPS and have a face to face consultation to consider revision with secondary facelift, necklift and fat grafting.  No one can promise perfection, however a possibly dramatic improvement  may result.  Enjoy the video link above for some useful information about natural looking results from facelift surgery.

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When facelifts aren't as smooth as desired

my recommendation would be for consideration of minimally invasive methods to tighten skin such as ThermiLift or Ultherapy (but I had horrible luck with the latter) to a direct excision of the skin under the chin.  If the fullness could be salivary glands, you will have to consider having them removed and very few surgeons do that routinely.

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Is there anything that can be done to improve the results of this Facelift?

In your case, it would be helpful to see pictures from before the procedure and also compare that with current pictures today (hard to tell if those are current photos). If you had significant facial aging and jowling before surgery, then this may be the best outcome possible at that time. In that case, there may be othe less invasive options available to you. However, if this improvement is only mildly better than what you were before, I would consider surgical facelift revision to obtain the best result. This will require opening the neck to improve the banding as well. Hope this helps. 

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Facelift touch up?

Thank you for the pictures, are they from 2013 or are they current pictures ? can you post your before pictures as well, for comparison ? Can you post your current pictures ?

Suffice to say, at 3 years after the initial facelift, you will have some aging that has occurred. Further improvement can be obtained with a minilft with our without a neck lift, vs non invasive options such as Ultherapy or the radio frequency based devices mentioned in the other posts. Another consideration would be removal of the cheek buccal fat pads which would further define your cheek an jowl areas. 

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Facelift complications

The bands that sometimes persist or recur after facelift surgery are not unusual.  There are several options available.  Non-invasively, Thermage can tighten a bit. Botox may help, also.  Invasively, removing the bands from the front is easy and effective (a Z-plasty).  However, it will leave an incision in the front part of the neck.  This is usually barely noticeable after several months.  A revision neck lift with a complete platysmal release (the muscle that causes neck bands).  This would have to be done with a deeper plain technique to achieve good results.  Best wishes.  

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What would you recommend to improve this facelift?

Thank you for your question and photos. You have a reasonable good result. I would propose a less invasive approach to a repeat facelift. You would do well with ThermTight. This is a minimally invasive radio frequency treatment to tighten the neck skin and jowls, under local anesthesia. It is about 1/2 hour procedure. I would also propose fat grafts to the cheeks, chin/ lip junction to correct the marionette lines and depression. See a board certified plastic surgeon for an in person consultation. Good luck.

What did it look like right after surgery?

The key question is what it looked like in the first months after surgery. If it looked great, then what you are seeing now is just the natural repeat aging process. If it looked just like this, then maybe more could have been done to lift the jowls higher and improve the neck. The result is totally dependent on who did it, the technique they used, your own tissue elasticity and whether you had anything done before like lipo that could have impacted the result negatively.


I think you have a reasonable result for three years. Skin is a stretchy medium and in your 60's loses elasticity, so it doesn't cling to the face, it stretches and doesn't snap back. Jowls grow. 

You have a few options, I would do a little liposuction of the jowls, easy under local in an exam chair.  You could fill in front of and behind the jowl as well.  You could do a secondary  facelift, which is typically a smaller operation than you had before. 

You shouldn't disregard the good to try to fix a smaller perceived problem. Multiple procedures can make you look worse. 

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Facelift Results

Hello and thanks for adding the pictures to your questions.

You do seem to have some skin laxity.  That is correctable.  Without knowing the type of face lift or seeing pre-operative pictures, I cannot comment on the result or why at 3 years you have some looseness to the skin.

The important point to remember is that in spite of properly performed and good quality facelift surgery, laxity will occur.  Sometimes sooner than expected or desired.  The reason a facelift is performed is because skin with aging becomes thinner, loses elasticity and stretches.  These qualities do not disappear with a facelift procedure.

Good news for you and everyone is that secondary facelifts can be performed and sometimes will be less of a procedure than the first.  This will include at times less down time and recovery.

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Secondary facelift may help

Thanks for the great question and the photos. Primary facelifts do have a limited lifespan on them. Because of this, patients will often undergo secondary facelifts to tighten things back up to where they were after the initial facelift. Although it does look like you may benefit from another facelift to have some additional skin removed, I would need to evaluate you in person. Finding a surgeon you trust can be very difficult. That's why I recommend patients consult with a few people before making a final decision. I see you're not located too far from my office. Please feel free to call the office for a free consultation. I hope to see you soon!

~Dr. Sieber

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