Fractional Co2 Laser Resurfacing. What risk are there? Does it permanently reduce pore size?

I'm looking to get a fractional co2 laser. I'm in my 20s couple questions... What risk are there? Does it permanently reduce pore size? Do I need to avoid any retinol or acid ingredients in skin care before and after? Do I need to use whitening cream before and after? Is there any skin colors that shouldn't get it? This is a one time treatment, correct? As apposed to fraxel which you need multiple treatemenrs to be affective... THANK YOU!

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Fractional Co2 Laser Resurfacing. What risk are there? Does it permanently reduce pore size?

Thanks for your questions. Nothing is permanent till you get under knife. Fractional co2 laser and fraxel is the same thing, fraxel is the brand name for co2 fractional machine. The pores do decrease in size but they are not permanent, but they remain for a long time. Before the procedure all retinoid and serum should be avoided and also make sure that you are not on isotretinoin as it decreases the pilosebaceous units thus making your skin dry and more prone to scabbing. It is safe for all skin colors and types and requires multiple sittings for the same depending upon the condition. Hope it helps.

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Risks with fractionated CO2

Because fractionated CO2 is an ablative treatment (it physically removes skin) it does come with risks. The darker your skin type, the more risk you have to developing dark patches (post-inflammatory hyper pigmentation). The risks of light patches (hypopigmentation), persistent redness, infection, and scarring also exist. That being said, it is an excellent technology for skin rejuvenation including reducing pore size. However, given that you are in your 20's you do have other less aggressive options available. Seek out a consult with a local board certified cosmetic facial plastic surgeon, plastic surgeon, or dermatologist who can educate you on the options and help you make an informed decision on the treatment best for you.

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Laser Skin Resurfacing

I'd recommend speaking with an expert cosmetic dermatologist regarding your desired outcomes, as there are multiple other treatment options as opposed to CO2 resurfacing. 

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