Multiple muscle repairs coming undone and lots of fluid build up from current surgery, how prevent MR coming undone. (photos)

I had my TT MR HR on11\30\15 no Lipo. All went okay then had light Lipo in Feb & then by May my MR undone . had 2nd MR 6/16/16 I was FLAT then. My,surgeon didn't fix my belly button second time & by August my MR was undone. had my 3rd MR done on Sept 29 and found out that previously my belly button detached and I am just wondering why this keeps happening. i am now VERY swollen in my upper stomach and up 10 pounds, not by my own fault, its fluid. how can i prevent another Undone MR .

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What was your belly like when you laid down flat in bed?

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If you had any protrusion, you are simply reflecting the results that should have been anticipated.  From where you started, you still have 'good' results.  What is challenging is when the bottom is made to tight and then your upper belly protrudes more as this is difficult to fix without more surgery.  If your upper abdominal swelling is fluid, your surgeon should be taking measures to aspirate it.  If it isn't, you simply have to heal before making anymore decisions on what to do.  Muscle repairs, when they do come undone, usually leave a very easy sign on physical exams... or the patient actually feels the popping as they release.  Assuming your surgeon is board certified, be patient and heal and then see if anything else can be done.  Most surgeons would have given up by now.

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Weight loss before more surgery

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Hello Loretta,

You are probably best served by weight loss before surgery. Muscle repairs do not come apart often in my experience. Some patients stretch them out with pressure from beneath the muscle. Losing weight before surgery and keeping it off for a good while (preferably permanently) should limit this problem. Otherwise what you have been seeing will very likely recur. 

Tension on the muscle wall helps determine who might benefit by muscle tightening. If there it too much tension then the muscle work has a higher chance of being less successful.

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