Is it possible to extract filler liquid from the buttocks muscle?

The filler is causing holes and red spots on the whole body

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Bad reaction from "filler" in butt

In general, it is not recommended that "fillers" be placed into the buttock region  for enhancement.  The description of the issue you are having is reminiscent of things that I have seen due to complications of having had inappropriate foreign materials injected into the area (generally by highly inappropriate people), which is dangerous.  Without knowing what was placed, how it was placed, and specifically where it was placed, it is unlikely that it can be removed. 

My recommendation to you is that you see a  plastic surgeon or even a primary care doctor so that you can be assessed for serious complications. You may need additional tests. It is possible that you have a systemic infection due to the foreign material that may have to be treated long-term by an infectious disease specialist. It is also possible that the foreign substance is traveling inside your body and this can be life-threatening.  I advise that you be seen as soon as possible. 

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