One boob larger than the other, is that normal? One month post-op (Photo)

got a breast reduction one month ago. I like the size of one, but the other seems significantly larger? Is this normal?

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Breast Reduction early result

It appears that you are healing well at this point. Since your surgery was only 1 month ago it is really hard to tell what your final result will be. Usually your breasts change significantly after surgery and continue to change up to 1 year. The biggest changes are seen within the first 3 months. At this point just try and be patient. They may end up just perfect!

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Breast size post breast reduction

Hello Braithhan-
I agree with a couple of the comments below. Although it is difficult to judge in the photo provided, your breast seem reasonably symmetric at the present time, but you will be able to judge it much better in 2-5 months when much of the swelling will have been resolved. Patience might bring you to the desired result. 
Good luck.

Mark Anton, MD, FACS
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Asymmetries after breast reduction can persist for a number of months due to swelling.

From the photographs I don't see anything to be particularly alarmed about. Modest asymmetry is often times seen because of differential swelling.

Vincent N. Zubowicz, MD
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Breast asymmetry after reduction

One month after a breast reduction is still fairly early, so I would recommend waiting until at least month 3 post-op to make any "final" judgements on size. Your breasts will continue to settle into place, so may appear to change shapes/sizes until then. If they are still uneven 3 months out you can definitely consider a revision, which would likely involve removal of tissue from the larger side if the smaller one is the size you like more. 

Tracy Kayan, MD
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