Could rhinoplasty enhance my face without looking completely different? (Photos)

I've always thought my nose was a bit big for my face. I have a bump as well as a large tip and it looks huge at certain angles. What could be done during surgery, and would it make my face look completely different? Also, is there an estimate on cost of this surgery?

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Rhinoplasty Without Making My Face Look Completely Different

A rhinoplasty to remove your small hump, correct the asymmetry of your bridge, narrow your wide asymmetrical tip, and decrease tip projection will give you a natural feminine result that is proportional to your surrounding facial features. 

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Thank you for your question. Nasal surgery - or Rhinoplasty - is one of the most frequently performed facial plastic surgical procedures that can address your bump and large tip. Please consult with a board certified facial plastic surgeon whose office is like ours - outfitted with imaging technology so that patient and surgeon can work together to see how different shapes of the nose will affect the patient's aesthetic appearance.

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Ross A. Clevens, MD
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Rhinoplasty surgery

Thank you for your question and photos.
I believe a well executed Rhinoplasty will bring balance to your facial features and will not make your "face look completely different". Please consult a Board Certified Plastic surgeon to examine you. You may also benefit from a chin implant (hard to tell with pictures provided).
Do your homework and ask to look at before and after pictures.

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Gary M. Horndeski, MD
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Rhinoplasty and chin implant candidate

 A closed rhinoplasty approach can accomplish decreasing the projection of the nose, making the nose less prominent, shaving down the dorsal hump, and refining the nasal tip cartilages. It's important to find a rhinoplasty surgeon that can give a natural result. Consider a chin implant for the weak and recessive chin profile. Chin implants are placed for patient's who have a weak and recessive chin, which will also help with facial balance and proportions, especially with respect to the overly projecting nose. For many examples of this combination, please see the link and the video below

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Could rhinoplasty enhance my face without looking completely different?

Absolutely. Your face in my opinion- would be profoundly improved with a thorough Rhinoplasty by an experienced Board Certified PS with special interest in Rhinoplasty. You have the makings for a very elegant nose that would be more consistent with your vision of your appearance.

Thomas Trevisani, Sr., MD
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Could rhinoplasty enhance my face without looking completely different?

In my opinion every rhinoplasty should look natural. We do not want our patients to look like they've been operated upon, and in general our patients desire a natural look.

Do your homework. Schedule a consultation with 2-3 Board-certified Facial Plastic Surgeons or a General Plastic Surgeons (who have experience with rhinoplasty), and review the before and after photos of their rhinoplasty cases. You can then decide for yourself if the cases/results appear natural.

Best wishes! Harry V. Wright MD, Sarasota, Florida

Harry V. Wright, MD
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Could rhinoplasty enhance my face without looking completely different?

The primary goal of a rhinoplasty is always to enhance the appearance of the face by seeking to correct features that draw attention away from the eyes. Although a quick analysis of your face will show good basic symmetry and facial proportions, it is true that certain features could be manipulated to improve the aesthetic harmony between your nose and surrounding structures. The dorsal hump is mild, but there is both a flaring of the nasal bones and some pinching of the region below the nasal bones (upper lateral cartilages), creating an undulating dorsum. This can make the dorsal hump appear much more severe in a three-quarter angle view than it would otherwise be apparent on a straight profile sideview. Correction of this issue would involve a slight hump reduction and in-fracture of the nasal bones while simultaneously adding supporting cartilage grafts to strengthen the dorsum, which prevents the development of an inverted-V deformity many years post-op. The nasal tip is somewhat bulbous and under-rotated for a feminine face. Treatment of the tip would require a very standard technique of placement of both intra-domal and inter-domal sutures to bring the nasal tip cartilage domes together. Trimming the cartilage (i.e. cephalic trims) would both refine and rotate the tip. Placement of a columellar strut would likely be beneficial. Finally, I would also suggest trimming the anterior septal angle for ideal rotation and slight de-projection of the nasal tip. Most rhinoplasty surgeons enjoy morphing a patient's face to both get an impression of potential results and also to ensure that they are visually on the same page as the patient; this is an incredibly important step. Please be sure to see a board certified facial plastic surgeon, with both experience in cosmetic and medical rhinoplasty. A rhinoplasty can have long-term consequences, and it's critical that the surgeon ensure that the nasal structure is stable for decades to come. Best of luck!

Danny Soares, MD
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You will have some change in your appearance by any work that is done. The tip will stay swollen for  a year or more. Good luck.

Steven Wallach, MD
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