Are there any pictures that can be posted on a patient that had the dorsal hump removed 1 month post op showing a side profile?

Not sure if this is swelling or the hump is still there. I'm not allowed to do exercises. The skin on top is movable and when I move the skin around on the bridge, it does move. Thank you.

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1 month post op

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niki, often times patient heal at different rates.  Not only that, but it also depends on what maneuvers were needed in order to help refine your dorsal area.  The thing to remember is that there are quite a few variables involved with healing in the nose - namely how thick your skin is and how many surgical maneuvers were needed to attain the profile that you desired.  Its not unusual for swelling to take quite some time to settle. Your best bet is to discuss this with your doctor, as they know exactly what was done in the operating room and have a good idea of what your outcome is expected to be.  Best of luck in the recovery process! 

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Thank you for the question but every patient is different so see your surgeon as he knows what he did and where you should be at with your healing

Dr Corbin

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Photos of rhinoplasty as it heals

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The woman featured  in this video had a hump removed and her tip refined. On the webpage in the link, you can see pictures for one week, one month, and various points as time goes on in her healing. 

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